• Yh8Ducks


    July 23, 2018 by Yh8Ducks


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  • Caciottofappone

    So,I really like training my mons properly so I went on the pokedex and searched for the mons that give sp.def EVs,apparently the Mabster line is bugged because on the pokedex page it sais that mabster gives 3 evs in atk but in hereémon_by_effort_value_yield it says that the  whole evolution line gives 1-2-3 sp.def ,so I started farming and after 20 minutes I saw that my semdemen(with modest nature so -atk) gained +6 atk in one level,so I guess that the whole line gives out Atk evs and not sp.def. 

    Finished that,does anyone of you guys know a great spot to farm sp.def evs?

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  • Mouseyyy

    So recently i made a post saying that the game said i cheated (which was not true because i grinded my ass off for the first time in awhile) but someone told me it was because of a bug regarding catching legends before the leauge my question is the mons i grinded off of in the futaba chambers were regirust and i found those 2 legends i caught in my last game heliofug and viviager someshit like that lol but my question is should i not grind there or is it okay because if i get that bad ending again i'm not playing the game until this bug is fixed

    i don't wanna waste another weekend grinding and then the game says fuck you cheater on me again so i would like your guy's input on this advice is really appreciated

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  • Mouseyyy

    I was battling the champion which was my mom my team was my starter Rectreem a mon named Death i got off wonder trade a FaZeEagle Heliofug which i caught fishing up in the futaba chambers with another mon i dont remember and a mirrorstine now after i beat the elite four hoping to do after story tonight the game saids i cheated i grinded in the futaba chamber off a mon called Regirust since they give off hella exp im confused on how it said i cheated because i poured all my time on this game all weekend and its dumb how i get this ending when i never even cheated

    I had past times where i was too lazy to grind in pokemon games because generally i was lazy as hell but this game i was on ps4 with friends grinding so i had something to do all of…

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  • Issyaboi

    Bug with Sturdy ability

    October 23, 2017 by Issyaboi

    When a multi-hit attack (Arm Thrust) is used on a pokemon with Sturdy (Lanshil), it "endures the hit". Normally multi hit attacks can KO Sturdy pokemon from full health.

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  • BubblesThePrimarina


    October 5, 2017 by BubblesThePrimarina

    There have been many glitches in my playthrough, please report these to the creators.Here they are:

    1. Tiles that don't belong in the location.

    2. Fucked up sprites.

    3. Route 29 glitch.

    4. Diobat won't evolve.

    5. Location Glitch.

    6. Flash isn't required.



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