Flavor text
Adjusts power from foe's stats.

Download is an Ability four Pokémon can have.


Download raises either the Attack stat or Special Attack stat by one stage depending on the foe's lowest current defensive stat: it will raise Attack if the foe's current Defense is lower than its current Special Defense stat, and Special Attack otherwise.

For determining which of the foe's defensive stat is lower, Download takes into account stat stages; however, it does not consider the effects of held items, Abilities such as Marvel Scale. In case of a tie between the foe's Defense and Special Defense, Download increases Special Attack.

During a Double Battle, Download will add the two opposing Pokémon's stats and calculate the lower stat between both.

Pokémon with DownloadEdit

# Pokémon Type First Ability Second Ability
#215 215MS Cozload Electric Bug Download Thick Fat
#216 216MS Snugware Electric Bug Download Thick Fat
#217 217MS Fleespecs Electric Bug Download Motor Drive
#333 333MS Illumatrix Psychic Flying Analytic Download