Keen Eye
Flavor text
Prevents loss of accuracy.

Keen Eye is an Ability nine Pokémon can have.


Keen Eye prevents other Pokémon from lowering the accuracy stat stage of the Pokémon with this Ability. Keen Eye also ignores any increases in its target's evasion stages.

Effects that decrease accuracy without using stat stages, such Sand Veil, are unaffected by Keen Eye.

Pokémon with Keen EyeEdit

# Pokémon Type First Ability Second Ability
#088 088MS Juarecito Ground Ground Keen Eye Sand Stream
#089 089MS Ponchito Ground Ground Keen Eye Sand Stream
#124 124MS Chantruth Dark Dark Keen Eye Magnet Pull
#163 163MS Glasshot Ice Steel Keen Eye Bulletproof
#263 263MS Emelgy Normal Flying Sniper Keen Eye
#264 264MS Fedorawk Fire Flying Sniper Keen Eye
#265 265MS FaZeagle Fire Flying Sniper Keen Eye
#273 273MS Flipbird Normal Flying Big Pecks Keen Eye
#308 308MS Shiriman Psychic Fairy Prankster Keen Eye